Composting isn't the fringe activity that it was once considered to be. With the new drive to live green, everyone looks for ways that they can add green living, easily and cheaply, to their lives.
Creating compost with a compost tumbler or compost bin is an easy way for your family to naturally reduce landfill waste and has the added benefit of providing compost - what many gardeners consider an almost miraculous addition to any garden.

Urban Compost Tumbler UCT-9


UCT-9Like most compost tumblers, the Urban Compost Tumbler, or UCT-9, offers a significant advantage over regular compost piles and bins. The UCT-9 is sold at for about $250.

Made with UV-protected plastic from 100% recycled materials, The Urban Compost Tumbler UCT-9 is a big, well-made, solid tumbler that has no cranks or rollers. While this can make using this tumbler a little more of a chore to get started turning, the fact is that cranks and rollers do occasionally get clogged up and require cleaning and maintenance. The Urban Compost Tumbler UCT-9 has clearly been designed for ease of use and keep.

Using a patented core aeration system that provides essential oxygen to the microorganisms inside your compost materials, the Urban Compost Tumbler UCT-9 is reportedly nearly odorless, with a secure door that keeps wandering beasties from getting into your compost material.

Having such a solid compost tumbler has benefits as well as drawbacks. Your kids or pets are extremely unlikely to knock the Urban Compost Tumbler UCT-9 over unless they have a running start and a football scholarship. Wild animals will have the same problems, which is a relief for composter hobbyists who are in a location where that is a problem. There are more than a few cities that are considering or that already have bans in place that limit composting activities because of the animals open compost heaps can attract. Those cities will, however, allow fully enclosed compost tumblers like the Urban Compost Tumbler UCT-9. Since the unit is so solid, you don't have to worry about something getting after those banana peels or old tomatoes.

On the other hand, the Urban Compost Tumbler UCT-9 weighs 61 pounds when it's empty - so if you're going to put it somewhere, plan on doing that before you fill it up. The unit can get so heavy, in fact, that you really want to take care when deciding where you're going to put it. The Urban Compost Tumbler UCT-9 needs level, firm footing. If the UCT-9 is on a sloped or soft surface, it could become unstable when it comes time to rotate the composting material. If the Urban Compost Tumbler UCT-9 is set on the ground or lawn, be sure the area is level, firm and dry. If the UCT-9 is set on a deck, patio, concrete floor, decorative blocks, or similar surface, consider using a "drip pan" beneath the unit to catch occasional drips. One suggestion is setting the Urban Compost Tumbler UCT-9 on firmly positioned patio stones or concrete blocks.

Urban Compost Tumbler 9As always, it's recommended that you place this compost tumbler, like any compost tumbler, in an area of direct sunlight, as the dark color of the Urban Compost Tumbler UCT-9 absorbs sunlight readily and the extra heat speeds up the composting process considerably. Used properly, a compost tumbler such as the Urban Compost Tumbler UCT-9 can result in the reduction of the composting process time about 90% over what you could expect from a regularly-tended compost heap.

Making Compost In The Urban Compost Tumbler UCT-9

The best way to approach making compost in the Urban Compost Tumbler UCT-9 is to fill the unit with enough composting material all at once to produce a full load of compost. all at once and produce a compost batch fast… empty and repeat the process. A lot of small batches faster is the key to effectively using just about any compost tumbler. Of course, the Urban Compost Tumbler UCT-9 can do batches that are gathered over time but that method of composting will take much longer to produce compost.

The content weight of the Urban Compost Tumbler UCT-9 should not exceed 130 lbs. While usually a balanced load of green and brown composting material weigh does not weigh this much, when you consider the hidden weight behind adding large amounts of water, vegetables and fruits, green manure and so on, you could easily exceed the weight limit. While a little additional weight may not damage the Urban Compost Tumbler UCT-9, it will become more difficult to turn for some people who aren't superheroes. A good rule of thumb to go by that indicates you've approached or have exceeded this limit is when you notice that the top of the barrel starts becoming oval in shape and the lid becomes difficult to get on. If that happens, remove some of the material.

Tumbling the Urban Compost Tumbler UCT-9

Hey, be careful and watch what you're doing while tumbling the Urban Compost Tumbler UCT-9. Stand to one side of the unit and start off by begin "rocking" the barrel back and forth a couple times to build momentum. Then as the barrel swings forward, using the force of the momentum of the barrel, "push down" to complete the rotation. It is important you push down on the barrel and NOT outward or sideways. Pushing outward may cause the unit to tip over and lateral (sideways) movement may cause damage to the stand. The Urban Compost Tumbler UCT-9 is easier to turn when full rather than when just partially filled. This is because the barrel of the UCT-9 turns around a center shaft - so the more weight you have on both sides of the shaft, the more "in balance" the barrel movement is. Make sure that you do not fill the barrel to the very top beause you need some space to allow for mixing the air and composting material. Also remember after tumbling to be sure the aeration holes are clear and open.

Breaking in your Urban Compost Tumbler UCT-9

Breaking-in or burning-in your Urban Compost Tumbler UCT-9 can take a while. The first couple batches of compost produced by the Urban Compost Tumbler UCT-9 usually take a little longer than normal and is a bit lower-quality compost. It seems to take at least a couple good batches of compost to season the barrel. It has been reported that it is a good idea that in your first few compost batches you liberally use a good quality all natural compost starter.

Excess Moisture in the Urban Compost Tumbler UCT-9

Several things can cause excess moisture in the Urban Compost Tumbler UCT-9. Either adding too much water or too much green material like vegetables, fruit or fresh grass can mean problems with your mix. Focus more on getting "browns" into your composting material and use a bit less water if your composting is taking too long. In some humid areas of the country, excess moisture can build up in the barrel as the temperature varies between night and day. If the compost becomes too moist, remove the lid for a while until it dries out some. Also, to speed drying, replacing the lid periodically and tumbling the Urban Compost Tumbler UCT-9 to keep wet compost exposed is a good idea. Additionally, resting the Urban Compost Tumbler UCT-9 at an angle when "cooking" helps expose as much wet compost to the air as possible. And, as always, remember to keep the vent holes at the top of the barrel clear to allow the maximum possible air circulation.

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