Composting isn't the fringe activity that it was once considered to be. With the new drive to live green, everyone looks for ways that they can add green living, easily and cheaply, to their lives.
Creating compost with a compost tumbler or compost bin is an easy way for your family to naturally reduce landfill waste and has the added benefit of providing compost - what many gardeners consider an almost miraculous addition to any garden.

Compact ComposTumbler


Compact-ComposTumblerThe Compact ComposTumbler, while a nice, solidly built compost tumbler that can be found on for about $345 - is really anything but compact.

While the ComposTumbler people may want to think that their Compact ComposTumbler is compact, and they may want you to think that their Compact ComposTumbler is compact, it's really a sizable unit. Standing at 43 inches high by 42 inches wide and 33 inches deep, and sitting about a foot off the ground on a sturdy base, the Compact ComposTumbler holds about 9.5 bushels of composting material, which is the equivalent of about 88 gallons of milk.

That's a lot of milk.

As long as you're fine with the fact that this unit is, in fact, a non-compact Compact ComposTumbler, you can relax and enjoy the fact that you're not going to have to worry about running out of room for your composting material.

The Compact ComposTumbler is not designed to be an especially mobile unit, as it lacks wheels or some other easy way to move it around. It's designed to do one thing - sit in one place, provide a good environment for decomposing bacteria, and produce high-quality compost. Fortunately for someone considering purchasing a Compact ComposTumbler, it does just what it's designed to do, and it does it well.

Produce Compost Quickly!

Composting has been done for ages by using an open system - using available land area to dump composting materials systematically in order to produce compost efficiently. Not everyone has the land area needed to set up the right system, however, and more importantly, open compost pits are notorious for attracting animals and annoying neighbors.

Like most compost tumblers, the Compact ComposTumbler avoids those problems. Relatively compact, the unit doesn't take up a whole lot of space and doesn't need a lot of yard to roll around in. And, since the Compact ComposTumbler sits 12 inches off the ground and is easy to secure, animals won't be able to easily gain access to your composting materials. With the screens that are part of this unit, keeping insects out won't be a problem, although there will be insects in the general area.

The screens are designed to assist with the rapid aeration, which is also brought about by turning the unit over via a crank on the side. Turning this crank is easy enough for just about anyone and should be done every day or every other day. Do this, and use the right recipe, and you'll see good-quality compost from the Compact ComposTumbler in about two or three weeks.

What's Inside?

Inside the Compact ComposTumbler are well-designed fins and blades which aid in mixing composts and shredding them into smaller materials for faster decomposition. More than that, these fins also contribute to the movement of compost materials inside the tumbler, allowing newly added compost materials to be mixed near the core for more speedy decomposition.

The aerator near the door of the Compact ComposTumbler helps in the proper circulation of air inside and out of the tumbler, this allows for oxygen to aid in the decomposition process without rotting the whole compost material.

“Compost teas” are also an important aspect of the process inside the Compact ComposTumbler. This tea is basically composed of nutritious liquids squeezed out of the compost materials. Take note however, that these teas are not meant for human consumption and are intended as dilute fertilizers - a very nutritious composition of materials from the inside of the tumbler.

Needless to say, the Compact ComposTumbler is a blessing for all those who have dreamed of making a compost bin, but have no time, energy, and perseverance to do so. All you need is about $345.00 to purchase the Compact ComposTumbler compost tumbler at, and the patience to wait about 4-5 days before it's delivered right on your doorstep.

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I’ve adjusted my composting recipe a bit and am now producing really good compost with this compost tumbler. I was using too much newspaper before. I mixed in more sawdust and it’s a lot better.

Pros: This compost tumbler really blends into our yard and does work really quickly. I had a 20 degree change in the core temperature recently. In less than 2 weeks after starting to use this compost tumbler, I had compost that I put on my garden and I also got alot of compost tea to use. It’s easy to spin the tumbler.

Cons: Although it isn’t so bad when you’re filling the tumbler – and you have to really FILL it to get it to work within 2 weeks – but when it’s time to get the finished compost out it’s a bit of a pain. the height is not good for dumping so you really have to use a shovel, which can be a bit of work. We figured out that dumping the compost into a concrete mixing tray worked really well for us.

With the resulting compost, our tomatoes and peppers and zucchini were very happy. i think i hit the spagetti squash with too much tea though. i dont think i diluted it enough. It’s very powerful and needs some dilution

this item is expensive but if you’re serious about composting it really does the job. It is easy to assemble, and there was more plastic than i was expecting but it seems like it will last if you take care of it and don’t throw it around.


The gears keep slipping. What can I do for this. Also the rod inside is corroding, can it be replaced. Love the product but can use some help with my situation. Please reply, as soon as possible.

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